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The Sforza — Francesco II. Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan

Francesco II. Maria Sforza, Herzog von Mailand
Francesco II. Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan from 1521-1524, 1525, 1529-1535 and cousin of Isabella of Aragon, Duchess of Milan, with the symbol of the "Sforza-nose"
When Francesco II. Maria Sforza was 35 years old, he was already a seriously ill man, as the following report of the Venetian Marin Sanudo, written on 11 October 1530, shows: "... The duke [Francesco II Maria Sforza] had difficulty walking –, and his ambassador, who lives here [in Venice], went along with him, giving him a hand to help him. His Excellency was followed by his [half-]brother [Gian Paolo] ... The duke usually travels on a small mule ... [he is] very melancholic; he has difficulty using his hands and walks poorly." (in: Venice – Cítà Excelentissima – Selections from the Renaissance Diaries of Marin Sanudo. Edited by Patricia H. Labalme and Laura Sanguineti White. Translated by Linda L. Carroll. Baltimore 2008, pp. 78-79).

4. February 1495

31. October/1. November 1535


Lodovico Maria il Moro Sforza († 1508), Duke of Milan


Beatrice d'Este († 1497), daughter of Duke Ercole I. of Ferrara, Reggio and Modena († 1505)


Christina of Denmark (1521-1590), niece of Emperor Charles V. († 1558); marriage on 28. September 1533 (per procurationem)



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Francesco II. Maria Sforza Francesco II. Maria Sforza Francesco II. Maria Sforza

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