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The French Valois — Isabella of Valois, Duchess of Milan

Isabella von Valois, Herzogin von Mailand
Isabella of Valois as the Virgin Mary

Isabella of Valois and her youngest child, her son Carlo, are depicted as the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus Christ. This painting was made around 1374. Her husband Gian Galeazzo Visconti is shown on the right side as a praying person. The older children can be seen on the upper right as little angels. The painter used, like in the ancient times, the special colours blue and red to identify the gender of her children. The light blue and light red colours are indicating who was already dead, when the painting was made. From the top to the bottom you see: Azzone (1368-1381), Gian Galeazzo (born around 1372?, died before 1374), two girls (Bianca and Bona?), born in 1366 and 1369, both died before 1374, and Valentina (1371-1408).

Erster Band der Sforza Serie
Buch Cover: Bianca Maria Visconti

Die Sforza I: Bianca Maria Visconti – Die Stammmutter der Sforza

240 Seiten, mit 186 Bildern und Stammtafeln, Books on Demand GmbH, ISBN 978-3-8334-3558-4, € 18,90

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