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The Sforza — Battista Sforza, Duchess of Urbino

Battista Sforza
Battista Sforza, c. 1472

in January 1446

6. or 7. July 1472


Alessandro Sforza (1409-1473), Lord of Pesaro


her father's great love, Costanza da Varano (1428-1447), eldest daughter of Piergentile Varano († 1433), Lord of Camerino, and Elisabetta Malatesta

  • her brother Costanzo I. (1447-1483), Lord of Pesaro; since 1470 married to Camilla da Marzano († 1493/or later), Duchess of Sessa; two illegitimate children: Giovanni (1466-1510) and Galeazzo (1470-1519)
  • her half-sister Ginevra (1440-1507); her first husband was Sante Bentivoglio (1426-1463), Lord of Bologna, they married in 1452; her second husband was Giovanni II. Bentivoglio (1443-1508), Lord of Bologna, they married in 1464
  • her half-sister Antonia (1445-1500), since 1460 married to Ottaviano, Count of Martinengo delle Palle († 1485)


Federigo da Montefeltro (1422-1482), Duke of Urbino since 23. March 1474; marriage on 10. February 1460

  1. a daughter – her name was probably Costanza –, born in December 1460, deceased in February 1461
  2. her daughter Giovanna († 1514), born in 1462, since 10. October 1474 married to Giovanni della Rovere (1467-1501), a nephew of Pope Sixtus IV.; she had the following three sons and three daughters:
    1. Maria Giovanna (1482-1538), married to Galeazzo Riario (1485-1557), son of Caterina Sforza († 1509) and her first husband Girolamo Riario († 1488); they had two children: their daughter Giulia and their son Giulio († 1565)
    2. Federico, died as an infant
    3. Girolamo, died as an infant
    4. Costanza († 1507)
    5. Beatrice, who spent her life under the name of "Sister Adeodata" as a Poor Clare or Franciscan in the Convent of Santa Chiara in Urbino.
    6. Francesco Maria della Rovere (1490-1538), Duke of Urbino
  3. her daughter Isabetta (or Elisabetta) († 1521), born c. 1464; since 25. June 1475 married to Roberto Malatesta (1442-1482), they had one daughter, Battista; after the death of her husband Isabetta took the veil and became a Franciscan nun
  4. her daughter Costanza († 1518), born in 1466; since 1483 married to Antonello da Sanseverino (1458-1499), Prince of Salerno; one son Roberto II. (1485-1508)
  5. her daughter Violanta, married to Galeotto Malatesta
  6. her daughter Chiara, nun
  7. her daughter Agnesina, († 1522), born in 1470; married to Fabrizio Colonna († 1520), Lord of Marino: three children: Vittoria Colonna (1492-1547), the famous poetess of the Renaissance, Federigo (c. 1497-1516) and Ascanio Colonna († 1557)
  8. her son Guidobaldo da Montefeltro (1472-1508), Duke of Urbino

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Battista Sforza, Herzogin von Urbino Battista Sforza, Herzogin von Urbino Battista Sforza, Herzogin von Urbino, und ihre Familie Battista Sforza, Herzogin von Urbino Battista Sforza, Herzogin von Urbino

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