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The Body of Salvador Dalì to be exhumed in Spain

Finally the natural science enters the discipline of history. In the past the truth had no chance, because the majority of historians and art historians were able to ignore contemporary historical sources if they did not suit them. Now the end of this kind of unscientific behaviour is coming. A Spanish judge has ordered the remains of the famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalì to be exhumed to settle a paternity claim. Since 2015 Marìa Pilar Abel Martínez has maintained that her father was Salvador Dalì who died in 1989. Her mother, one of the female servants in the house of the artist, had a relationship with the latter in 1955 which was not without consequences.

Now we can hope that there will also be DNA-tests and mitochondrial-DNA-tests of Maria and Antonio of Milan and Aragon in the near future to prove that they are two of the five children of Isabella of Aragon, Duchess of Milan and Bari, (called „Mona Lisa“) and her second husband Leonardo da Vinci. The truth has now a chance to come out!

Dritter Band der Sforza Serie
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