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The Identification of the status of a person with the help of symbolism

for at least the last 50.000 years

Randall White, Professor of Anthropology, New York University: "Expression in materials is really one of the hallmarks of the revolution if you will. This is something really new on the horizon; this is people creating social identities that don’t exist in nature. This is saying I’m a Cro-Magnon woman, I have given birth, I have a particular history I have a particular status within my group and anyone who is a member of that group will be able to see that at a glance by the fact that she’s wearing certain kinds of animal teeth, certain kinds of beads, her clothing is decorated in certain ways. It’s a mode, a visual expression, but it’s expressing social relationships and I think that’s something clearly that’s very new in human evolution." (in: The Mind's Big Bang)