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Italien — Amilcare Anguisciola

Amilcare Anguisciola
Amilcare Anguisciola

Sofonisbas Vater Amilcare mit Minerva und Asdrubale, Sofonisbas einzigem Bruder, um 1556 – im rechten Hintergrund können Sie einen Blick auf Cremona werfen, bei Giorgio Vasari lesen wir bezüglich dieses Werkes Folgendes: "In another picture may be seen, portrayed by the same Sofonisba, her father Amilcare, who has on one side one of his daughters, her sister, called Minerva, who was distinguished in painting and in letters, and on the other side Asdrubale, their brother, the son of the same man; and these, also, are executed so well, that they appear to be breathing and absoluteley alive."

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Buch Cover: Frauen in der Renaissance

Frauen in der Renaissance – 30 Einzelschicksale

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