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The Sforza — Muzio Attendolo Sforza

Muzio Attendolo Sforza
Muzio Attendolo Sforza

Condottiere and maternal great-grandfather of Isabella of Aragon, Duchess of Milan

28. May 1369

4. January 1424 (he drowned)


Giovanni Attendolo


Elisa Petrocini (or Petrascini) – she produced a total of 21 children

  1. Antonia Salimbeni († 1411); marriage in the year 1409
  2. Catella d'Alopo († 1418); marriage in the year 1414
  3. Maria da Marzano of Sessa († um 1440), widow of the Count of Celano; marriage in the year 1419

and his main mistresses:

  1. Lucia Terzani da Marsciano (or Lucia di Terzano)
  2. Tamira di Cagli


His legitimate children:

  • from his first marriage to Antonia Salimbeni:
    his son Bosio I. (1411-1476), Count of Cotignola and Count of Santa Fiora; his first spouse was Cecilia Aldobrandeschi, the only child and heiress of Count Guido of Santa Fiora and Pitigliano, they married in 1439; Cecilia Aldobrandeschi gave birth to the following five children:

    1. Anastasia, born in 1443 and deceased as an infant
    2. Guido, the second Count of Santa Fiora and Cotignola, born c. 1445, deceased in 1508
    3. Cassandra, who died as an infant
    4. Costanza, wife of Filippo Maria Sforza, born c. 1448-50, deceased after 1497
    5. another son, born c. 1457/58.

    In 1464 Bosio I. married his second wife Griseide of Capua, the daughter of Duke Matteo d'Atri; she gave birth to his son Francesco († 1523) – the decendants of Bosio I. lived until 1633 as Counts of Santa Fiora and Cotignola

  • from his second marriage to Catella d'Alopo:

    1. his son Leonardo (1415-1438)
    2. his son Pietro (1417-1442), Bishop of Ascoli Piceno
  • from his third marriage to Maria da Marzano of Sessa:

    1. his son Bartolomeo (1420-1435), Count of Celano
    2. his son Carlo Gabriele (1423-1457), Archbishop of Milan

and his illegitimate children from his relationship with Lucia Terzani da Marsciano:

  1. his son Francesco Sforza (1401-1466), Condottiere and Duke of Milan
  2. his daughter Elisa (1402-1476), since 1412 married to Leonetto da Sanseverino († 1420), Lord of Cajazzo – one of her grandsons was Galeazzo da Sanseverino († 1525), who was married to Bianca Sforza († 1496), the illegitimate daughter of Lodovico Maria il Moro Sforza († 1508)
  3. his son Alberico (1403-1423)
  4. his daughter Antonia (1405-1471), her first husband was Ardizzone da Carrara († 1426), Lord of Feltre, they married in 1420, her second husband was Manfredo da Barbiano († 1451), Count of Cunio and Barbiano, they married in 1427
  5. his son Leone (1407-1440), famous warrior, since 25. January 1436 married to Marsobilia Trinci († c. 1470), Lady Foligno
  6. his son Giovanni (1408-1451), famous warrior
  7. his son Alessandro (1409-1473), Lord of Pesaro, his first wife Costanza da Varano (1428-1447) gave birth to his children Battista (1446-1472) and Costanzo I. (1447-1483); his second marriage to Sveva da Montefeltro (1432-1478), a half-sister of Federigo da Montefeltro (1422-1482), was annulled in 1457; besides that he had two illegitimate daughters: Ginevra (1440-1507) and Antonia (1445-1500)
  8. his daughter Orsola (1411-1460), nun in a convent of the Poor Clares

from his relationship with Tamira di Cagli:

  1. his son Mansueto (c. 1400-1467), Abbot of San Lorenzo in Cremona
  2. his daughter Onestina (1402-1422), nun in a Benedictine convent

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Reading Suggestions:
  • Lacy Collison-Morley: The Story of the Sforzas. New York 1934
  • Nikolai Wandruszka: Die Anfänge der Sforza, Herzöge of Milan, S. 8-22, in: Archiv für Familiengeschichtsforschung, Heft 1, März 1997 (this paper is very much worth reading, not only for obtaining more information about the origin of the Sforza, but also about the origin of the lower nobility in Italy)
  • Maike Vogt-Luerssen: Die Frauen der Sforza I: Bianca Maria Visconti – Die Stammmutter der Sforza. Independently published 2020

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Buchcover: Bianca Maria Visconti

Die Frauen der Sforza I: Bianca Maria Visconti – Die Stammmutter der Sforza

nur als Buch (Farbband) bei amazon.de: 294 Seiten, mit Stammtafeln und 243 Bildern, Independently published, 1. Auflage 2020, ISBN 978-1-6515-0580-9, € 43,90