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The Farnese — Giulia Farnese (or Julia Farnese)

Giulia Farnese (oder Julia Farnese)
Giulia Farnese, the beautiful mistress of Pope Alexander VI. with her brother Alessandro, the future Pope Paul III.

in 1475

23. March 1524


Pier Luigi Farnese (c. 1435-1487), Lord of Capodimonte


Giovannella, daughter of Onorato III. Caetani, Duke of Sermoneta; they married in 1464

  1. her brother Angelo or Angiolo, born in 1465, died in 1494
  2. her sister Girolama, born in 1466, died in 1505
  3. her brother, Pope Paul III. alias Alessandro Farnese, born on 29. February 1468, died on 10. November 1549; Pope since 1534; he had the following four illegitimate children from his mistress Silvia Ruffini: Pier Luigi (1503-1547), Duke of Parma; Paolo (1504-1512); Ranuccio (1509-1529) und Costanza (1500-1545), her two eldest sons, Guido Ascanio Sforza and Alessandro Sforza, also became cardinals
  4. her sister Beatrice, Benedictine nun, born in 1469, died in 1507

  1. Orsino Orsini († 1500); she became married to him to conceal her relationship with Pope Alexander VI.; they married on 9. May 1489
  2. Giovanni Capece Bozzuto († 1517), Baron of Afragola; they married on 20. February 1509


her illegitimate daughter Laura from her relationship with Pope Alexander VI., born in 1492; Laura was married to Niccolò della Rovere, one of the many nephews of Pope Julius II., in 1505

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