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The Medici — Alessandro de' Medici (1511-1537), Duke of Florence

Alessandro de' Medici (1511-1537), Duke of Florence since 27. April 1532

"Ceccheregli, in his Attione et Sentenze, credits him [Alessandro de' Medici] with wit and wisdom, a fine sense of justice, and judgments which would have done honour to a Solomon." (in: G. F. Young, The Medici, Vol. 1, London 1930, p. 497)

in the year 1511

6. January 1537 (he was assassinated by Lorenzino de' Medici (1514-1548), the eldest son of Pierfrancesco de' Medici († 1525)


Pope Clement VII. alias Giulio de' Medici




Margaret (1522-1586), illegitimate daughter of Emperor Charles V. († 1558); marriage on 19. June 1536; (only availabe in German)


only illegitimate children:

  1. his son Giulio (1533-1600); he married Angelica Malaspina, a daughter of Margrave Fioramonte of Bastia and Terrarossa, and had one legitimate daughter Caterina († 1634) and two illegitimate sons: Cosimo (c. 1550-1630) and Giuliano († 1598)
  2. his daughter Giulia (1535-after 1588), who, according to contemporaries, looked very much like him; her first husband was Francesco Cantelmo († 1555) and her second husband was Bernardetto de' Medici, Lord of Ottaiano; they married in 1559
  3. his daughter Porzia (nun)

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