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The Neapolitan House of Aragon — Ferrante (or Ferdinand I.), King of Naples

Ferrante (oder Ferdinand I.), König von Neapel
Ferrante (or Ferdinand I.), King of Naples

The paternal grandfather of Isabella of Aragon, the Duchess of Milan

2. June 1431 (in the meantime it has been argued that he would have been born on 2 June 1424, but for this claim there exists no contemporary historical source)

25. January 1494


Alfonso I. the Magnanimous (1396-1458), King of Aragon 1416-1458, King of Naples 1435-1458


a mistress of his father by the name of Girladona Carlino or Gueraldona de Carleno, who was married to a merchant from Barcelona, Gaspare Reverdit, after giving birth to her son


Half-Siblings from various relationships of his father:

  • his half-sister Maria († 1449); marriage to Leonello d'Este (1407-1450), Margrave of Ferrara, on 20. May 1444
  • his half-sister Leonora († 1450); marriage to Marino Marzano († 1486, executed), Duke of Sessa, Prince of Rossano

  1. Isabella di Chiaromonte († 1465); marriage in May 1445
  2. Juana of Aragon († 1517), a sister of the Spanish King Ferdinand II. († 1516); marriage on 5. October 1476


His legitimate children:

from the marriage to his first wife Isabella di Chiaromonte († 1465):

  1. his son Alfonso II. (1448-1495), King of Naples 1494-1495
  2. his daughter Leonora (or Eleonora) (1450-1493), Duchess of Ferrara, Reggio and Modena
  3. his son Federigo (1452-1504), King of Naples 1496-1501
  4. his son Giovanni (1456-1485), Cardinal
  5. his daughter Beatrice (1457-1508), Queen of Hungary and Bohemia
  6. his son Francesco (1461-1486), Duke of Monte Sant' Angelo, Margrave of Bisceglia

from the marriage to his second wife Juana of Aragon († 1517):

  1. his daughter Giovanna (1478-1518), Queen of Naples; marriage to her nephew Ferrandino († 1496), King of Naples, in 1495
  2. his son Carlo (1480-1486)

his illegitimate children:

By his mistress Diana Guardato he had the following children:

  1. his son Ferdinando d'Aragona († 1542), born before 1449; first married to Anna da Sanseverino, then married to Castellana de Cardona; he had one son, Antonio (1499-1553)
  2. his daughter Maria d'Aragona (1449/50-1470); she was married to Antonio Todeschini-Piccolomini († 1493) on 23 May 1461 and had three daughters, Vittoria, Isabella and Maria
  3. his daughter Giovanna d'Aragona (1455-1501); married to Leonardo della Rovere († 1475), Duke of Sora, in 1472

By his mistress Giovanna Caracciola he had the following children:

  1. his son Ferrante d'Aragona, Count of Arsena
  2. his son Arrigo d'Aragona († 1478), Margrave of Gerace
  3. his daughter Leonora d'Aragona
  4. his son Cesare d'Aragona († 1501), Margrave of Santa Agata

By his mistress Eulalia Ravignano he had the following children:

  1. his daughter Maria d'Aragona (1473-1513); married to Gian Giordano Orsini on the 10th of November 1487
  2. his daughter Lucrezia d'Aragona († 1549); married to Onorato III. Caetani († 1528), Duke of Traetto, in 1493

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Ferrante (oder Ferdinand I.), König von Neapel Ferrante (oder Ferdinand I.), König von Neapel Ferrante (oder Ferdinand I.), König von Neapel Ferrante (oder Ferdinand I.), König von Neapel Ferrante (oder Ferdinand I.), König von Neapel Ferrante (oder Ferdinand I.), König von Neapel Ferrante (oder Ferdinand I.), König von Neapel

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