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The Neapolitan House of Aragon — Federigo, King of Naples

König Federigo von Neapel
King Federigo of Naples, uncle of Isabella of Aragon, the Duchess of Milan

19. April 1452

9. November 1504


Ferrante (1431-1494), King of Naples


Isabella di Chiaromonte († 1465)

  1. Anna of Savoy (1455-1480); sister of Bona of Savoy; marriage on 11. September 1478
  2. Isabella del Balzo († 1533), daughter of the Prince of Altamura; marriage on 28. November 1486


from his first marriage to Anna of Savoy:

  • his daughter Carlotta (1479/80-1506); she was married to Guido XV. di Montmorency († 1531), Count of Laval, in 1500 and gave birth to one son and two daughters

from his second marriage to Isabella del Balzo:

  1. his son Fernando (1488-1550); his first spouse was Germaine de Foix († 1538), they married in 1526; his second spouse was Mencia de Mendoza († 1554), Marchioness of Cenete, they married in 1540 – no legitimate children
  2. his daughter Julia (c. 1492-1542); her first husband was her cousin Federigo II., Duke of Mantua; her marriage was celebrated on 9. April 1531 in the presence of Emperor Karl V.; already in March 1532 this marriage was dissolved by Pope Clement VII. Julia's second husband was Margrave George Sebastian of Montferrat († 1533), whom she married on 29. March 1533
  3. his son Alfonso, born around 1494, died in 1517
  4. his son Cesare, born around 1496, died on 14. November 1504
  5. his daughter Isabella, born around 1500, died in 1550

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