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The Plantagenets — Edward IV. (1442-1483), King of England

Eduard IV., König von England
King Edward IV. of England (1442-1483)

28. April 1442

9. April 1483


Richard, Duke of York (1411-1460)


Cecily Neville (1415-1495), the youngest daughter of Ralph, 1st Earl of Westmorland († 1425), and his second wife, Joan Beaufort

  • his sister Joan, born in 1438, died as an infant
  • his sister Anne, born on 10. August 1439, died in 1476 or 1482; in 1447 she was married to her first husband Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter (1430-1475); after the annulment of her first marriage she was married to Sir Thomas St Leger in 1472, who was executed in 1483
  • his brother Henry, born on 10. February 1441, died as an infant
  • his brother Edmund, Earl of Rutland, born on 17. May 1443, died on 30. December 1460
  • his sister Elizabeth, born on 22. April 1444, died around 1503/4; in 1460 she was married to John de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk
  • his sister Margaret, born on 3. May 1446, died on 23. November 1503; she was married to the Duke Charles of Burgundy (1433-1477)
  • his brother William, born on 7. July 1447, died as an infant
  • his brother John, born on 7. November 1448, died as an infant
  • his brother George, Duke of Clarence, born on 21. October 1449, executed by him as a traitor on 18. February 1478; in 1467 he married Isabel Neville (1451-1476), the elder daughter of the Earl of Warwick; his son Edward, Earl of Warwick (1475-1499), was executed by Henry VII. of England; his daughter Margaret, Countess of Salisbury (1473-1541), was married to Sir Richard Pole († 1505) and gave birth to the following five children: Henry Pole (1492-1539), 1st Baron Montagu, who was executed by Henry VIII. of England in 1539; Reginald Pole (1500-1558), Cardinal and Archbishop of Canterbury, who should play an important political and religious role in England under Queen Maria Tudor; Geoffrey Pole (around 1501-1558); Arthur Pole (around 1502-1535) and Ursula Pole (around 1504-1570), who was married to Henry Stafford (1501-1563) and gave birth to nine children
  • his brother Thomas, born 1450/51, died as an infant
  • his brother Richard III., King of England, born on 2. October 1452, died on 22. August 1485 (in the battle of Bosworth); in 1472 he married Anne Neville (1456-1485), the younger daughter of the Earl of Warwick; they had one son, Edward, Prince of Wales (1473-1484)
  • his sister Ursula, born in 1454 or 1455, died as an infant


Elizabeth Woodville (1437/38-1492), first child of Sir Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers, and Jacquetta of Luxembourg and widow of Sir John Grey of Groby († 1461); she had two sons by her first husband: Thomas Grey (1457-1501), Marquess of Dorset, and Richard Grey (1458-1483); Edward IV. married Elizabeth Woodville clandestinely on 1 May 1464

  1. his daughter Elizabeth, born on 11. February 1466, died on 11. February 1503; she married the English King Henry VII. (1457-1509)
  2. his daughter Mary, born on 11. August 1467, died on 23. May 1482
  3. his daughter Cecily, born on 20. March 1469, died in 1507; in 1485 she was married to her first husband, Ralph Scrope; the marriage was annulled in 1486; in 1487 she was married to her second husband, John Viscount Welles († 1499); and around 1502 she married her third husband, William Kyme – she had two daughters by her second husband, Elizabeth (c. 1488-1498) and Anne (c. 1491-c.1499), and a daughter, Margaret, and a son, Richard, by her third husband
  4. his son, King Edward V. of England, born on 2. November 1470, allegedly murdered by his uncle King Richard III. in 1483
  5. his daughter Margaret, born on 10. April 1472, died in December 1472
  6. his son Richard, Duke of York, born on 17. August 1473, allegedly murdered by his uncle King Richard III. in 1483, in 1478 he was married to Anne Mowbray (1472-1481), the only child of John Mowbray († 1476), 4th Duke of Norfolk and Earl of Nottingham and Warenne
  7. his daughter Anne, born in November 1475, died in 1511; she was married to Thomas Howard (1473-1554), 3rd Duke of Norfolk; she gave birth to four children, who all died shortly after the birth
  8. his son George, born in 1477, died in 1479
  9. his daughter Catherine, born on 14. August 1479, died on 15. November 1527, in 1495 she was married to William Courtenay (1475-1511), 1st Earl of Devon; she was the mother of Henry Courtenay, 1st Marquis of Exeter, born around 1496, who was executed by his cousin, the English King Henry VIII., on 9. January 1539, of Edward Courtenay (around 1497-1502) and of Margaret Courtenay (around 1499-before 1526) and she was the grandmother of Edward Courtenay (1527-1556), Earl of Devon
  10. his daughter Bridget, born on 10. November 1480, died around 1517; she became a Dominican nun in a cloister in Dartford

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König Eduard IV. von England

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