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The Stuarts — James V., King of Scotland

James V., King of Scotland, with his second wife, Marie de Guise

10. April 1512

14. December 1542


James IV. († 1513), King of Scotland


Margaret († 1541), the elder sister of Henry VIII. († 1547), King of England

  1. Madeleine of France (1520-1537), daughter of King Francis I. of France; marriage on 31. December 1536 or on 1. January 1537 – no children
  2. Marie de Guise (1515-1560), widowed Duchess of Longueville, daughter of Claude of Guise († 1550) and Antoinette of Bourbon († 1583); marriage in June 1538; this is also her second marriage, in her first marriage to the Duke Louis of Longueville († 1537) she had two sons, François († 1551), born on 30. October 1535, and Louis, born on 4. August 1537 and deceased months later; when Marie de Guise married the Scottish King, she had to leave her almost three year old son François behind, who would be raised by her parents in France


his legitimate children from his second marriage:

  1. his son James, born on 22. May 1540, deceased on 2. May 1541
  2. his son Robert, born on 24. April 1541 and deceased on 2. May 1541 (he lived for eight days only)
  3. his daughter Mary, the future Queen of Scotland, born on 7. or 8. December 1542, executed on 8. February 1587

and his illegitimate children from his numerous mistresses:

  • James
  • James, Earl of Moray and Regent of Scotland; his mother was the favourite mistress of James V., Lady Margaret Erskine
  • James
  • Robert, Earl of Orkney
  • John
  • Adam

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