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The Borgia — Angela Borgia Lanzol

Angela Borgia Lanzol
Angela Borgia Lanzol, c. 1507 (her portrait was made by Leonardo da Vinci)

around 1491



Jofré Borgia Lanzol, nephew of Pope Alexander VI.


Juana de Moncada


Angela had eight elder siblings, we know the names of the following five:

  1. her eldest brother, Juan Borgia Lanzol (1470-1500), Cardinal legate since 1496
  2. her brother Pedro Luis, Cardinal since 1500
  3. her brother Lodovico, Cardinal
  4. her brother Rodrigo, Captain of the Papal Guards
  5. and her sister Hieronyma, who became married to Fabio Orsini on 8. September 1498


Count Alessandro Pio of Carpi and of Sassuolo († 1518), probably born between 1486 and 1490, son of Count Ghiberto Pio of Carpi and of Sassuolo and Leonora Bentivoglio, born in 1470, daughter of Giovanni II. Bentivoglio, Lord of Bologna, and Ginevra Sforza; Angela and Alessandro married on 6. December 1506


her son Ghiberto (1508-1554), who married the illegitimate daughter of Cardinal Ippolito d'Este, Elisabetta or Isabella

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