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"Il mistero della Gioconda, la risposta nel DNA?"

Marco Ferri wrote the following article about my research in "The National Geographic Online": Il mistero della Gioconda, la risposta nel DNA?

Unfortunately a small error occured: The bust on the right side is not showing Isabella of Aragon. This is one of the many many mistakes done by the art historians. This is Isabella's step-grandmother, Juana of Spain, sister of the famous Spanish King Ferdinand II (the Catholic) and second wife of her cousin, the Neapolitan King Ferrante, Isabella's grandfather. She is the mother of the famous "Lady with the ermine" (= Giovanna of Aragon, Queen of Naples).

Neu: Wer ist Mona Lisa?
Buchcover: Wer ist Mona Lisa?

Wer ist Mona Lisa? – Identifizierung einer Unbekannten mit Hilfe historischer Quellen

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Dritter Band der Sforza Serie
Buch Cover: Die Sforza III - Isabella von Aragon

Die Sforza III: Isabella von Aragon und ihr Hofmaler Leonardo da Vinci

488 Seiten, 322 Abbildungen und Stammtafeln, €49.90 (Format 21 x 27 cm)

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