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Message with the help of symbols

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance still 90% of the people in the Western World were not able to read and write. To communicate with them, the authorities used "the language of the symbols" as our forefathers have done thousands of years ago. Therefore who knows the "language of the symbols", is able to identify the following Saint without any written words.

John the Evangelist with his main symbol, the eagle
Neu: Wer ist Mona Lisa?
Buchcover: Wer ist Mona Lisa?

Wer ist Mona Lisa? – Identifizierung einer Unbekannten mit Hilfe historischer Quellen

als Buch bei amazon.de: 172 Seiten, mit Stammtafeln und 136 Bildern (130 Bilder in Farbe), Independently published, 1. Auflage, ISBN 978-1-9831-3666-5, € 29,31