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Mona Lisa and the English newspaper "The Guardian"

Art historians are really unable to work with historical sources!

Very recently a new article about "Mona Lisa" was published in "The Guardian", which shows noticeably that art historians who have studied only art history and not also history are completely unable to learn something new. Therefore I wrote the following email to the editor of The Guardian, Mrs. Wilson, who, of course, did not answer:

"Dear Mrs. Wilson,

is the journalist who is responsible for the following article about Mona Lisa living in a bubble and does not know anything about the history of the Renaissance?

Every woman of the 15th and first half of the 16th century including Lisa Gherardini who got married kept her family name. That was tradition. The Renaissance had its own tradition. It was not the 20th century! Therefore Lisa Gherardini did not change her name by marrying Francesco del Giocondo. She died as Lisa Gherardini. Lisa del Giocondo was the sister of Francesco del Giocondo and the sister-in-law of Lisa Gherardini. She was married to her cousin Piero Franceso del Giocondo and she could not have been the sitter of the famous painting "Mona Lisa" because of her age!

It is unbelievable how incompetent art historians are. They should start to study history before they write articles about the Renaissance.

Please read my article regarding the identity of "Mona Lisa".

Kind regards, Maike Vogt-Lüerssen

P.S.: I would appreciate if any organisation – BBC or your newspaper – would give me and the world a chance to challenge the ignorance of the art historians of today. They made and make so many huge and stupid mistakes and still find people like you to promote them."