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Professor Martin Kemp, the so-called Leonardo da Vinci expert

... and again "The Guardian"

You probably read already the following article about Martin Kemp in The Guardian.

My response to this nonsense is the following: Why does Professor Martin Kemp always get a platform in the Guardian to tell his fairy tales? Has he got so many journalist friends there? As a historian I have to complain again. Of course Leonardo da Vinci was not born in the so-called Casa Natale in Anchiano. We historians knew that all the time. He was born at the house of his grandparents. The Casa Natale did not even exist at that time. Why do we know this? Because of written historical sources!!! Finally art historians read historical sources. Now they have only to learn the traditions of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and they can exclude Caterina di Meo Lippi as Leonardo's mother. Leonardo's mother Caterina was married to a certain Achattabriga di Piero del Vaccha in 1457. Why is nobody willing to learn the symbols of the dynasties of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance? Then everybody is able to read the symbols on "Mona Lisa" and everybody knows this woman can't be Lisa Gherardini. Lisa Gherardini is not Lisa del Giocondo. No woman changed her name when she married at that time. Wake up!!!

My dear readers, it is very sad to see that we are not one step further to the truth regarding Leonardo da Vinci and his life. It is unbelievable for me that Martin Kemp still tells the story Lisa Gherardini is the same as Lisa del Giocondo. Is he really incapable to learn something new? How astonished he was when he finally at least learned that Leonardo da Vinci was not born at the Casa Natale in Anchiano!!! We all know that Leonardo's father Piero da Vinci bought this Casa around 1482 (30 years after Leonardo's birth). Now "The Guardian" confirms with this article the incompetence of the so-called Leonardo da Vinci expert regarding history!!!

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