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Queen Elizabeth II and her family

One of the most important women of the 20th and 21st centuries

Reading suggestion: The Little Princesses - The story of the Queen's childhood by her nanny Marion Crawford. Introduced by Jennie Bond, BBC Royal Correspondent, e-book 2011. (If you want to know more about Elizabeth (II.) and her sister Margaret when they were children, I can recommend this book. It is very worth reading!).

These Youtube-Videos describe the life of one of the most famous women of our time:
Part 1: Duty and Destiny
Part 2: The Diana Years
Part 3: Childhood
Part 4: A Lifelong Romance
Part 5: Politics of Change
Part 6: Head of the Commonwealth
Part 7: Queen and Country
Part 8: A Golden Celebration
Part 9: A Family Album

The wedding of Princess Mary, the only sister of Elizabeth II's father, the English King George VI, in 1922

Princess Mary, the only sister of the English King George VI

The wedding of Elizabeth II's parents in 1923 (Her father had to ask her mother 17 times whether she would marry him, before she said "YES!")

Elizabeth's father, King George VI of England (From a shy Prince to a King)

Elizabeth's mother, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

The Coronation of King George VI and his wife

Life before the Crown: Princess Elizabeth (Documentary from 2024)

Heir & Spare: Elizabeth & Margaret (Documentary from 2023)

The wedding of Elizabeth [II.] and Prince Philip

Elizabeth and Philip

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (02.06.1953)

The Queen: Duty before Family

Heir & Spare: Charles & Anne (Documentary from 2023)

The new scandal rocking the Royal Family in 2021

Inside the court case that ended in the humiliation of Prince Andrew

Inside Prince Andrew's infamous BBC Newsnight interview that damaged the royal family

Andrew - The Problem Prince

Prince Andrew will be 'tearing his hair out' as Epstein Scandal won't go away (Royal Insight)

Prince Charles with his sons William and Harry

William's and Kate's engagement interview in 2010

The Royal Wedding Ceremony of William and Kate at Westminster Abbey

Why 2020 may have spelled the end of the royal family

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: royal family say final goodbye

James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance

Ma'amalade sandwich Your Majesty?

Theresa May shares funny anecdote of picnic with the Queen during common's tribute

Heartbreak at the Palace (Documentary from 2023)

Princess Anne's take on the monarchy under King Charles


Elizabeth II in the 26th century

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