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The Medici — Lorenzo II. de' Medici, Duke of Urbino

Lorenzo II. de' Medici
Duke of Urbino

13. September 1492

4. May 1519


Piero II. de' Medici (1472-1503)


Alfonsina Orsini (1472-1520), a daughter of Count Roberto Orsini of Tagliacozzo and Pacentro


Madeleine de La Tour d' Auvergne (1502-1519), daughter of Count Jean III. d'Auvergne and his wife, Jeanne de Bourbon-Vendôme, and the younger sister of Anne de La Tour d' Auvergne (1496-1524)


Catherine de' Medici (1519-1589), Queen of France

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Lorenzo II. de' Medici Lorenzo II. de' Medici und Zeitgenossen Lorenzo II. de' Medici und Zeitgenossen

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