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The Sforza — Bianca Maria (or Bona Maria) Sforza, daughter of Filippo Maria Sforza

Bianca Maria (oder Bona Maria) Sforza, die Tochter von Filippo Maria Sforza, mit Familie
The daughter of Filippo Maria Sforza, Bianca [Maria] or Bona [Maria], with her family, her husband, Count Giovanni Galeazzo Visconti, and her son

The persons in this painting were wrongly identified as "Uberto de'Sacrati and his family" by the art historians. This family-portrait of the only daughter of Filippo Maria Sforza was made at Sesto Calende, the family seat of her husband, the Count Giovanni Galeazzo Visconti. On the left side you can see the very important fortress of Arona in the distance which was dismantled by Napoleon in later times.

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